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Artist Q&A

Why sell at Oriol Gallery?

We stand behind your artwork, promoting each piece as if it were our own. Driven by the mission to make great art accessible to all, we roll up our sleeves to sell works quickly so that our artists can make a living from their art, hassle-free. If you share this vision, we’re a match.

What type of art can I submit?

We specialise in painting and drawing exclusively. Please don't submit any sculpture, print or photography works.

How do I submit an artwork?

Please use the form below to submit a high-quality photograph of your work, including size, medium, shipping country and your contact details. We carefully review each submission and should your work be selected, we will notify you by email. To stay in line with the ethos of our gallery, please note a few rules of thumb:

• Should you decide not to reveal your identity, we highly recommend signing your work using a pseudonym. We won't require the disclosure of your real identity at any point.

• As an art outlet, we help customers find original paintings they love at a price they can afford. As for the artists, it's a fast and easy way to shed excess inventory. The asking price is calculated based on the size of the artwork, using the formula below.

Enter the size of your artwork:

H x W cm =

See how we calculate the asking price.

- Flat $95 up to A4 size
- The above + 13¢ per cm2 up to A3
- The above + 9¢ per cm2 up to A2
- The above + 5¢ per cm2 up to A1
- The above + 3.6¢ per cm2 up to A0
- The above + 2.5¢ per cm2 up to 2A0
- The above + 1.8¢ per cm2 up to 4A0
- The above + 1.3¢ per cm2 from 4A0+

• Based on the information that you provide us with — the artwork location and dimensions — we will show customers an estimated worldwide delivery cost. Since the artwork will be shipped directly to the customer, you, the artist, must cover this cost at the point of shipment. Once the artwork is delivered, you will be reimbursed this shipping cost together with the payment for the artwork, minus our commission.

What is your commission?

We only charge 25% in commission which is well below industry standard. Our commission covers all the payment and transaction costs.

What are my options for getting paid?

Once the customer confirms receiving the artwork in good condition, we will send your payment via IBAN/SWIFT bank transfer, Revolut or Bitcoin.

Ready to submit?
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My artwork was sold — what's next?

• You’ll receive an email informing you of the sale. You’ll also receive information regarding the next steps you’ll need to take in order to successfully deliver the artwork to the buyer. The buyer will cover the shipping cost, while you, the artist, will be responsible for packaging your artwork for shipment, as well as for the packaging costs.

• We allow for up to 3 working days for artists to package and prepare their works for shipment. You will be informed about our packaging guidelines once the sale is confirmed.

• Fill in and print the Certificate of Authenticity for your work. We will provide you with an easy-to-use template once your work is sold.

• Next, you must ship the artwork to the buyer’s address. We will provide you with all the details about the final destination.

• Finally, once the delivery is confirmed, you will receive the payment.

How is my personal information stored?

We'll reach out to you to collect pay-out information once one of your artwork sells. Your personal information will be stored offline and will be immediately deleted once your funds have been transferred. Read our privacy policy for more info.

Submission policy

By submitting work, you agree to:

• only submit work that has been created by you - we have a strict policy on stolen work;

• provide accurate information on the artwork (e.g. dimensions, medium, country of shipping);

• have read and agreed to our pricing and commission policy, and our general terms of use;

• inform us of any change in the condition of the artwork (for example, if the artwork was damaged or scratched);

• maintain prompt communication with us in case of a sale;

• include the Certificate of Authenticity in the shipping package. We will provide you with a template to fill in and print;

• promptly ship the artwork to the buyer, making sure to properly package the work before sending it.
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