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What's special about the Oriol Gallery?

With the goal of making great art affordable to all, our art outlet aims to create a win-win opportunity: artists are free to sell their works anonymously in order to recoup the cost of art supplies while letting you purchase their artwork at a bargain price.

How will the artwork be shipped?

All original artworks listed on Oriol Gallery will be delivered straight from the artist’s studio to your specified shipping address, wherever in the world. Most works will arrive rolled in a dent-resistant tube. This method is especially safe for oversized works, and provides lower shipping costs as well. Rolled works can be easily stretched (i.e. placed onto wooden stretcher bars) and/or framed by a local framer upon arrival. If the artwork cannot be rolled for one reason or another, it will be sent to you pre-stretched. This means that its shipping cost may be slightly higher.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs vary between $20 and $200 depending on the value and dimensions of the artwork. This ensures the artwork can be delivered to you safely, wherever you are in the world.

I just bought an artwork — what can I expect?

Thank you for supporting one of the artists on the platform. Once you purchase an artwork, we'll send you an email with a receipt and notify you of the artwork's current location and an estimated processing timeline. Once the artwork is shipped, we'll email you the tracking number. Please allow up to 3 working days to prepare the artwork to ship. Shipping timelines may vary on source and final destination, but we'll be in touch with you at every step of the process.

Will the artwork include the artist's signature?

Our goal is to create a welcoming environment where artists can sell any of their artworks, signed or anonymously. If the artist chooses to preserve anonymity, then we encourage them to sign using a pseudonym. This allows them to be less concerned about the price impacting their public image, offering our customers more affordable pieces. You are essentially buying the art, not the artist's brand.

Can I return an artwork I bought?

Unfortunately, once a purchase is made and the artwork is delivered, we are unable to provide a refund.

Will I be charged taxes or customs fees?

The buyer is responsible for paying international customs fees, determined by the country the artwork is being shipped to. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to making a purchase. Read our terms of use for more information.

How is my personal information stored?

Oriol Gallery respects and values your privacy. To better protect your information, we provide this privacy policy that explains our online practices and the choices you can make about the way your information is collected and used.

I love what you stand for — can I help?

Buy a piece. That way, not only do you support us, you support the artist, and you have a beautiful piece of art to hang at home, or the office, or wherever!
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