geolocation failed Cristina Golovatic's original paintings - Oriol Gallery
Works by Cristina Golovatic
Born and raised in Moldova, Cristina currently lives and works in Budapest, Hungary. She first studied architecture. Then, she moved to Nice and graduated four semesters of "History of architecture and art", "Cinema and theater". In 2012, she received the Jury prize winner (Nice, France) at the Exhibition Contest for her paintings.

Her favorite medium and technique is oil on canvas, although lately she has been experimenting more with acrylics on paper. Why oil on canvas? Because it's timeless. Why acrylics on paper? Because it allows her to make a piece in one breath.

At the beginning of her path, Cristina's inspiration was her sister who was studying arts herself. Then there were the impressionists, then later the abstractionists. Music, cinema, people and especially nature are the main sources of inspiration today.
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