The world of fine art has become an elitist club, revolving around high-profile auctions and blue-chip galleries. While history has never seen such abundance of great art, most of us end up with soulless IKEA prints on our walls. This paradox is what fuels our desire to bring real art back into people’s homes, where it truly belongs.

We look to give more people access to a selection of curated works that are otherwise out of reach, to something much cooler than a print of a photo of a sunset. To achieve this, we collaborate with many artists inspired by the very same goal. Since some hesitate to sell below conventional prices, we encourage them to submit work under a pseudonym, or completely anonymously. At Oriol Gallery, artists can experiment and discover new angles of expression, keeping their public pricing practices unhurt.

We invite you to browse our selection of outstanding works that will bring life to your bare walls. We feel for the artists and remain indebted to those who sponsor the quest for unbound creativity. And us, we try to do the little we can to connect the dots.
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